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Making a banner

Hi, all! I'm not an SCA member (I would love to be, but the nearest chapter is more than a thousand miles away...) but I thought you would be the best people to ask about this project!

I've conceived the desire to make a replica of the banner of Gil-galad (as designed for the Lord of the Rings films), but I basically have no idea where to start. My experience with fiber arts is limited to a few cross-stitch projects; I have no experience with other embroidery stitches or applique. So, I have no idea what techniques I should use.

I'm most worried about the curling tendrils (applique? embroidery? if embroidery, what stitch?) but any advice you could give me on making any part would be fantastic and much appreciated. I know I'll have to practice before I can tackle the project itself, but first I need to know what to practice!

Thanks in advance. :)



Jun. 11th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC)
May I ask where you live? Is it a possibility that there are folks that are close to you that might be interested?

And, yeah. I understand. Granted the closest local group is only an hour away, but I'm in the south of Meridies -- and the closest groups are 1 to 1.5 hours away. It's difficult for me to attend events. I've been to one this year. And my family is 400 miles away. The internet & the SCA-net keeps me going some days!