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Two-person fingerloop - advice needed

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping to do some two-person fingerloop braids with a friend this weekend. However, I'm getting horribly confused by the notation and whose hands go where. I was hoping to do some of the braids from here:

Does anyone have any advice/hints/tips? Favourite two-person braids? Easy two-person braids? Instructions?

This'll mostly just be for fun. However, my friend has never done fingerloop before (though he has done just about every other sort of braiding one can think of), so I'm hoping to a) make something reasonably pretty and/or impressive, to convince him it's a good technique but also b) not get in a horrific tangle, despite being two beginners, and thus scare him off from ever helping me with them again. :)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Just to say, I'm particularly getting confused with the instructions that say "work with inner hands" or "work with outer hands". Does this mean if I am on the left and my partner is on my right, our hand go l->r like this: my left, their left, my right, their right? Or do the hands go: my left, my right, their left, their right? 

I.e. do my hands work as a pair and my partner's hands work as a pair, with occasional exchanges between these two pairs? Or do my l. hand and their l. hand work as a pair, and my r. hand and their l. hand work as a pair, with occasional exchanges between these two pairs? 

EDIT 2: Sorry guys, removed the link when re-writing for clarity and forgot to put it back in.
Here is my primary source for patterns
Here is my second source of patterns

An example of a braid with instructions to "work with inner hands" would be t29. Interestingly, I just noticed another braid which instructs to "work with left hand" or "work with right hand".


Jul. 31st, 2012 09:45 pm (UTC)
Without knowing where you're looking at, so please check the source and make sure this makes sense (I haven't worked multiperson braids either):

Remember that two-person braids presume two braiders standing next to each other.

Presumably, then, "inner hands" would mean the braiders' hands closer to each other, on the inside; "outer hands" would mean the braiders' hands further from each other, on the outside.

It's hard to tell the specifics without being able to see what pattern you're looking at, though.

Good luck and have fun!
Aug. 1st, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
Apologies - the links are now fixed. I'd appreciate any input you may have.