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Great Wheels, and transport

fiadnata wrote:
How do you protect your Great Wheel as you transport it to demos? I got one, this past spring, and am trying to figure out how to carry it safely to and fro... It dates from 1780, we believe.

Oh gracious. Mine's a reproduction and only a decade+ old or so. Here's
my wheel at a demo.

There's a pin that holds the wheel on the axel. Only the upright with the axel is statically attached to the base. Both the front two uprights lift out of the cutouts in the base. You'll see that the front one has a wooden pin through the base, that holds it in place. Also, several the pieces in that larger front upright also unconnect easily.

The base has three legs and the one major back upright, and it takes up the whole backseat in my car. The wheel itself just barely fits through the hatchback, and rests on the passenger headrest as well as the backseat/hatchback. All the rest of the pieces fit in one drawstring back about the size of an elongated backpack.

I hope that gives you some idea how I deal with my wheel. I keep thinking it might be nice to make some custom bags and/or covers, maybe drawstring or tied closed, to protect any of the pieces inmy car. But so far, just the loose pieces in one bag is a good enough arrangement.


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Oct. 17th, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
I have an antique great wheel, as well. I'm not planning on taking it anywhere, as it's simply too important to family history to risk.
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