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Quick intro

I have been involved with the SCA for less than a year, and have not worked out a name yet.  I have been going by Arbella.  I am from the Barony of Sacred Stone in Atlantia.  I have cross stitched and knitted since I was a kid and have a hard time finishing projects.  So far in the SCA, I like to do blackwork, other types of embroidery and tablet weaving.  I am currently working on am Elizabethan sweet bag from the V&A museum, but have lots of plans for future projects.  I would love to try other forms of embroidery and lace-making.  I can't wait to find other fiber arts distractions from this group!


Yep, another intro

Greetings fellow fiber-fiends! I am Finnseach de Locheil, a 7th century Orcadian Pict. I spin, weave, crochet, knit, dye, embroider, research and so on. ;) I hail from the Shire of Dernehealde, in the Middle Kingdom(mundanely Athens, OH).

My current project (aka magnum octopus) ;) is researching 7th century Pictish textile production techniques - from the breed(s) of sheep raised, to the final fully accessorized daily clothing. I'm currently working on spinning consistent yarns to be used in the weaving process. Yep, handspinning both warp and weft but cheating because while I can do it on the drop spindle only, I prefer to break it up and use my wheel as well. Then I will be building my warp weighted loom, weaving the cloth, making the clothing, casting the broaches and other accessories. Somewhere along the process will be dying some of the cloth (at least for the cloak).

So, anyone else researching early period sheep breeds? I'm interested in particular to 'breeds' that may have existed prior to 1100. So far, I've got the Soay (British is more pure bloodline than American Soay). I'm still working on the sheep that the Romans introduced to the British Isles about 45AD. I am working my way through ML Ryder's Sheep & Man (aka "The Scottish Porn Book") ;).


Intro n' stuff

Thank you for putting this community together! I am Isobel Bedingfield, colloquially known these days as the Attack Laurel (relax, it's a joke). I love embroidery and knitting, though I am better at the former than the latter.

I'm involved in the Plimoth Jacket Project, and a couple of years ago, I completed a jacket of my own.

I'm currently working on original new patterns for embroidered nightcaps, as well as slowly stitching a 17th century style bedspread, knitting purses, and planning a new embroidered jacket.

I am so excited that people are putting pictures of their work on-line; letting everyone know the size of the historical fibre arts community helps us get more merchants interested in carrying great fibres for us to play with! I remember when it was hard to find anything good, except in small amounts, and now I have so many choices, it's hard to know when to stop shopping!

(My husband says I needed to stop about three paychecks ago, but what does he know?) :)

Greetings fibre artists!

Namaste my fellow artisans,
I am Jahanarabanu Vivana (banu is the 7th C Persian title roughly equivalent to Lady). I am about to celebrate 20 years of weaving. My loving mother taught me to weave when I was but 12 years old on her 8 harness floor loom. When I joined the SCA 13 years ago, I was ecstatic to learn that I could continue to practice this noble art. In the intervening years, I have learned table weaving, inkle/rigid heddle weaving, tapestry weaving, dyeing with natural dyes, spinning, embroidery and of course costuming. My real passion is weaving.

My current weaving projects include cloth for my dear husband's next cloak. A tapestry technique sampler. Finally, I just began weaving a linen blanket for my friend who is due in the next few weeks. I also have several embroidery projects going on as well, I keep an Arts & Sciences Journal on my website.

I currently reside in the Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis, which lies in the realm of Drachenwald.

May your journeys be peaceful and profitable,

And another intro....

Hi all, my name is Mary Verch Thomas (mundanely Mary as well), and I hail from the fair Kingdom of Drachenwald, within the Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis. I am interested in many fibre arts, but in particular embroidery, especially blackwork and goldwork. I've been in the SCA aournd 7 years, and don't seem to actually end up doing much embroidery, other than to decorate the cuffs and collars of shirts etc - I seem to spend a lot of time making garb!


My Lords and ladies

My name is Elisande vom Nebelwald and I live in the fair kingdom of Drachenwald in the beautiful Shire of Heilig Drei König. I have been a thread adict all my life. I started so little, that people thought it cute that I would sew a skirt for my doll out of white silk with a coarse black woolen thread (which I have found a couple of days ago in the attic of my beloved grandmother, Blush)

I am new to the society though and my knowledge regarding the period and relating research is limited (curent


Oh noes, not another intro!

I'll keep this short and sweet.  Margaret, from Sternfeld, MK.  Have been in the SCA for mumblty number of years, and have been knitting longer than that.  I actually didn't start sewing until I joined the SCA, and now I have become one of the the local "pattern gurus."  Mundanely I work for a yarn company and do alterations on the side.


Yet another intro post!

Hi there! I'm Sorche Kyrkeby, a collector of fiber-y thingamajigs and whatsits, spending most of my time in costuming. I am trying(!) To teach myself embroidery in order to spiff up my garb.

My VERY long-term goal is a Bayeux Tapestry-inspired panel of the courtship of myself and my husband, done in wool yarns on a linen backing. Like I said, it's a very long term goal!

I'd also like to learn cardweaving -- once I have enough clothes in my garb closet, natch.

While I play in the SCA very rarely (Midrealm), I do play within the Adrian Empire. Once I am out of school, I'll have more time for SCA...



Greetings to the list from Klakavirki in Drachenwald.

My name is Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada and I'm a fibreholic. :) I normally focus on embroidery (both counted thread and freeform work, and even the occasional bit of Opus Anglicanum) but I've also done quite a bit of other stuff including lucet, braiding, reticella and some tablet weaving. Knitting is beyond me, but I can do crochet lace (such a shame it's too late for us!). The next thing on my to-learn list is woven tapestry, once I make myself a suitable loom.

I also fence, and my one regret about taking up the rapier is that some of those hours I used to spend at events sitting and sewing are now taken up on the list field.


Linen source for counted work

A Yahoogroup list I'm on in Caid just had the following links posted:

Does anybody have a linen source they like other than http://www.fabric-store.com ? I am looking for some green, preferably with a thread count of 28 to 32.

One Answer so far:
If you're counting threads and your aim is evenweave "art" linen, Salt and Pepper carries most Wichelt and Zweigart linen colors and sizes: http://www.salt-and-pepper.com/ Pricey, but a yard goes a long way.

Links to embellishments on extant clothing

This post on sca_garb: http://community.livejournal.com/sca_garb/347222.html

...has quite a growing list of links in the comments section, to examples of embroidered necklines and other clothing embelishments.

Intro Post

Hi, I'm Helen Rose Winfield. I live in Caid. I dabble in a variety of fiber arts. And I have a floor loom that is making me feel guilty, because I haven't woven anything on it.


Intro post

I'm gonna spam you all with another intro post!! Muahahah.  (I blame cayswann  :)

I'm mostly a scribe in Caid with an Elizabethan persona, but I've done a few fiber-y things over the years.  I enjoy embroidery very much (especially painting my own canvas).  More recently I've being doing a little knitting and a little kumihimo and fingerloop braiding.  I enjoy lucet cord and recently bought a beautiful black ebony lucet.   I've dabbled a bit in bobbin lace and tablet weaving and would very much like to do more of both (in my copious spare time which I swear someone keeps coming into my life and stealing!)  

I was never really interested at all in spinning, but a recent A&S session got me to try it and I'm interested in learning a bit more, just to say I really tried it and understanding a bit more.

Mundanely I'm the Keeper of Spoilers for a studio (I work in television :)



Scribbles from Philippa 8-]

Hi I'm Philippa Schuyler and I'm a fiber junkie.  8-]  I've been one since the mid 80's when my lord hubbie was on the tourney circuit and our young scion was toddling his way through every playpark in Caid.  I needed something I could pick up and put down while I cheered on the one and toddled after the other.  Drop spinde was ideal for that.

And you know how it is, one thing leads to another, and pretty soon I'm a fiber laurel with a table loom, inkle looms, tablet weaving loom, warp-weighted loom -- you get the idea.  Thouroughly warped.

I've tried my hand at just about everything early period (lace and embroidery are a mystery to me).  But I'll give just about anything a try.  I picked up kumihimo this summer at Griffin Dyeworks' Fiber Retreat.  And one of these days I'm going to try that Great Wheel!

I've got a fiber blog:  http://wefttomyowndevices.blogspot.com, where I put up all my fibery endeavors.

This sure is a lively place.  8-]


A question! on "knotstitch"

I came across a reference in a late Elizabethan or early Jacobean will to a collar with "knotstitch" decoration. The book glosses "knotstitch" as "tatting." But since the earliest firm documentation of tatting is Victorian, I'm wondering what else this might refer to--presumably not knitted knotstitch. So does anyone have any idea what "knotstitch" might have meant in England c. 1590-1620? Needlelace? Some form of surface embroidery?

Online Weaving Supply Sources

I have a question for the weavers on the list. Where do you buy your yarn/thread? I am lucky to live in a town with a great weaving store, but I'd like to check out other sources. Especially for linen or silk threads. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Another intro post

Hi, I'm Bronwyn from the Barony of Gyldenholt in the Kingdom of CAID; I have learned through many trials and tribulations (of the most basic projects) that I really am NOT smarter than string. But I still love to play with it. I've managed a few projects like stickweaving a (too-short) belt, and most recently amused myself for most of an afternoon with a pocket loom at GWW (I now have a very odd-looking coin pouch...).  Someday, I'd love to be able to manage kumihimo without winding up tangled and sloppy. :P  If anyone has any foolproof tips or tricks for doing all the basics, please share! :) 



No way! This is eerie. I just recently got back into the SCA. Just recently began finding my niche. On the exact day that I decided to start doing fiber arts, this community was born. That is so creepy awesome.

Anyway! This is your friendly babbling unnamed as of yet viking from Knight's Crossing, Drachenwald. You can call me babbling twit. ~_^

I am so new to embroidery and all things fabric art and SCA that just yesterday I learned how to chain stitch and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Any tutorials, tips, help, cheering or jeering would be awesome. I have a project in mind for myself but...I'm at a loss on how to do it or how to even go about doing it. I've seen on other blogs and sites that some people use alternative materials to do the embroidery on and then applique it to the garment. What is the merits of this if any? What sort of materials should I use? Would it be advisable? Is it period? Where can I get period dyed and made embroidery floss? Does that matter in an A&S entry?

Hopeless Newbie, Humbled Before Your August and Magnanimous Wisdom,

Unnamed Viking Babbling Twit of Knight's Crossing Drachenwald (you can call me Nemmy for now XD)


Squee for Fiber Arts!

Ahem... Good morning, my name is Bevin an Broc Drannach, shire Roxbury Mill in the Kingdom of Atlantia. I'm primarily a spinner, though I dabble in all sorts of fiber arts, period & not (I adore crochet).

I learned to spin in 1999 at my then-home barony's spring event (Barony Rivenstar of the Middle Kingdom). I've also been active with shire Riviere Constelle and shire Stonecroft (both also of the Midrealm).

I have 2 Babe wheels (pvc): the double treadle fiber starter and the liten spindel, as well as numerous drop spindles and a couple support spindles. My favorite drop spindles are my Kundert and my 2 Greensleeves.

Here's a shot of my current project - I'm almost done spinning the single and plan to Navajo-ply it (making a 3-strand yarn):


Bevin the Snarling Badger


Good Day

I'm Ciara Eirikswif, nominally of the Barony of Sternfeld in the Middle Kingdom.

getting to know youCollapse )


Hi there!

Wow, this group seems to have been a great idea!


I'm Sarah MacGregor from the Shire of Ardanroe in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann (Shreveport, LA area).  I have been weaving for about 8 years, though I'm not 'excellent', just competent.  I am not overly fond of inkle, enjoy tablet, and have 2 rigid heddle looms that get a good bit of exercise.  I'll soon be acquiring what I believe is a 4 shaft floor loom; it has resided with 4 shire members to date and seems to be coming to me next.  I also have a mauradai and enjoy fingerloop braiding, though I don't do either that often.  I'm learning knitting as of this year and seem to be growing quite an addiction (same username as here on Ravelry, if anyone cares).  My other half enables my fiber habits by combing and carding, and his mother spins.  I suspect our home will be increasing by a spinning wheel soon as well.

Outside of fiber geekery, I'm the Principal Herald of Gleann Abhann.  On my to-do list is weaving some double-faced baldrics for heraldic use as our Kingdom tabard is entirely too warm 8 months of the year.

Mundanely I'm a bookkeeper.

Glad to be here!




Flat cap

Hello!! I'm Illadore de Bedegrayne, now in the West Kingdom. :)

I thought I would start off by asking the community for their collective opinion on flat caps. I am interested in knitting flat caps for two students of mine for 12th night.

Has anyone knit flat caps and if so, got any suggestions? Currently, I have two balls of Kashmira Yarn, red wool, per hat. (so 568 yards of medium weight wool.) However, I've read online that some people have had trouble felting with it.

So first -- what flat cap patterns have you knit and did you like them?

Second -- Has anyone used Sensations Kashmira yarn for a flat cap and did it work out alright or no?

Thanks! :)

Another intro!

Hey folks!

I'm Lady Albreda Aylese, of the Shire of the Mountain Freehold, East Kingdom. I'm a fiber junkie from way back, and spin, weave (tapestry, early period yardage, and tablet), embroider, am starting to handsew early period garb, do a little bit of dyeing, and I'm learning to naalbind. Basically, if it involves string, I've either tried it, or would love to!

I'm also the founder of the A&S 50 Challenge (ArtsAndSciences50.org), and general promotor and teacher of A&S up here in the Northern Region of the East Kingdom.

Thanks for starting this group - should be interesting!


Another Intro

Hello all! I'm Elena, and I'm really new to the SCA. Let's see: I'm in Loch Soilleir, Ansteorra (for me specifically, Galveston, Texas) - and I've discovered that I'm more than happy/willing to try anything fiber-arts at least once, and usually want to keep at it once I've gotten the hang of it.

So far, I've had the awesome opportunity to learn a little about carding, spinning, dying and bobbin lace. I also love to sew, and play with knit and crochet. I'm excited about learning period techniques, and just seeing all the different fiber arts activities I can get my hands on!


Woo! I'm excited

Although we may want to consider a designated "Intro Post" for people to add their introductions to. At 80+ and counting, this is going to be a flood of posts pretty quickly.

I'm Aoife. I'm in the Shire of Anglespur in the East. I spin, weave, and dye at this point. In fact, I dyed and wove my apprentice belt. This is my hobby -- I'm really dedicated to bardic arts.

My upcoming project is several sets of leg-wraps based on a pair in Ancient Danish Textiles and a pattern from another cloth fragment. It's a check pattern -- white & brown. The brown will be walnut dyed. Then I plan on overdyeing each pair (except one) using madder, weld & woad.

This is my second weaving & major dyeing project. I'm tired of cold legs. :)



my name is damayanti, an ex-patriot of northshield living in calontir. my persona is pre-mughal indian and my fiberous sca tendencies lean toward sewing, embroidery, couching, applique and tiraz. my main current project is the choli for my wedding gown which is modeled on a modern gujarati "flair suit", but both the choli and main dress can pass for period. i am a painter and fiber artist mundanely and also practice middle eastern and ethnic indian dance.

i'm thrilled about this new community and look forward to sharing our creative adventures!



I'm Sisuile, and I am a textilist. ;)

I've recently moved home to Calontir, having spent several years in Northshield. I do: knitting, crochet, smocking, embroidery, wool processing, spinning (drop), bad netting, weaving (inkle, card, 4 harness), dyeing, complex braids, lucet, fingerloop braiding, and clothing. There are a few things that I haven't tried my hand at yet, but we'll get through the Great List someday.

And a question: Plying with a drop spindle - is there any way to make this easy?

Introducing Myself

Hi, I'm Hollie, and I'm a fiber junkie. (Sounds like an AA meeting, doesn't it?) I haven't been in the SCA for a long time. When I was, my name was Isabeau,  I live in the Barony of Axemoor, Kingdom of  what was then Meridies, now Gleann Abhann. (modernly known as New Orleans, LA)  I hadn't decided on a persona...my interests ran all over the place.

I'm a fiber junkie. I knit, crochet (is that period? I haven't found any documentation), weave, do some kumihimo, make bobbin lace (I learned from a Belgian teacher...lucky me!) , spin on a spindle, do tatting (way out of period), do a little nalbinding (self-taught)  and want to learn LOTS more! I'd love to have a spinning wheel or floor loom in my house, but I just don't have enough room. I live in rather cramped quarters. I have a kick spindle, though...way out of period, but interesting nonetheless.

I saw this group from one of the other weaving groups here on LJ and thought it would be interesting. I'm eager to "meet" more people and learn from all of you!


Greetings from the East

My name is Kathryn, I work with a persona in the late 16th century in North England. I have just started to do drop spindle and have been making thread. I am working on a new gown that I am using the new thread to sew the lining.

I have a lovely tape loom and have been making garters for those in my household. I am not that great at knitting and am learning blackwork on linen and making it look good and not sloppy. I prefer hand sewing and am looking at trying my hand at dying.

I Picked a Good Time to Join LJ

Just thought I'd say hello and let you know that I joined the Fiber Arts community!
For those who don't know (I'd say, about 85 of you!), I loves me some weavin'! More string better!!

P.S. This is Amya, from Lyondemere (Caid). :)


Oh, so we're doing introductions?

In that case...

My name is Shanzi, and I'm a fiber addict. ~_^

I've been flirting with the SCA for about 10 years now. I started in Meridies, and I'm now technically in the Barony of Caer Mear, in Atlantia, though I have more connections and Pennsic camping rights in Æthelmearc. I have learned that unless you want to look bad, you never teach a friend the tricks of the fibery trade at Pennsic. That said, I'm primarily a spinner/knitter, though I do some inkle and tablet weaving. I also dye up a storm, both natural and otherwise, and I have a general working knowledge (read: if I need it, I'll figure it out) of a few little fibery techniques here and there.

I recently landed a job at the local fiber arts store (I really can't call is a LYS, it's much more than that), and my dear boss is a colonial reenactor, herself. It makes for some interesting conversations. It also gives me ample time to plot garb, heh.


Great Wheels, and transport

fiadnata wrote:
How do you protect your Great Wheel as you transport it to demos? I got one, this past spring, and am trying to figure out how to carry it safely to and fro... It dates from 1780, we believe.

Oh gracious. Mine's a reproduction and only a decade+ old or so. Here's
my wheel at a demo.

There's a pin that holds the wheel on the axel. Only the upright with the axel is statically attached to the base. Both the front two uprights lift out of the cutouts in the base. You'll see that the front one has a wooden pin through the base, that holds it in place. Also, several the pieces in that larger front upright also unconnect easily.

The base has three legs and the one major back upright, and it takes up the whole backseat in my car. The wheel itself just barely fits through the hatchback, and rests on the passenger headrest as well as the backseat/hatchback. All the rest of the pieces fit in one drawstring back about the size of an elongated backpack.

I hope that gives you some idea how I deal with my wheel. I keep thinking it might be nice to make some custom bags and/or covers, maybe drawstring or tied closed, to protect any of the pieces inmy car. But so far, just the loose pieces in one bag is a good enough arrangement.


We're only about 7+ hours old, and there's 86 members in here! Wow! You all rock! *squee*

Insert Intro Here

My name is Hrist, and I'm in the Principality of Tir Righ, in the Kingdom of An Tir. I'm new to fibre arts but I do have a box of fleece in my closet that I need to learn how to do something with. So far my energies are going towards inkle weaving which I know isn't period, but makes pretty nice stuff anyway. In my spare time I am doing my best to pick up nalbinding.


Oct. 16th, 2008

Well, since we're doing introductions...

Within the Society, I'm known as Björn the Navigator, and I'm currently surving as the Herald of the College of Sankt Vladimir, which is located within the Barony of Ered Sul, Atenveldt. (NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona). I first joined the Society in the mid-80s, but dropped out by the end of the decade... and stayed out until this year.

Like Sergeant Schultz, I Know Nothing, but I'm interested in learning tablet weaving and loom weaving... I want to learn to weave my own tartan. I'm kind of hoping to find someone in the Northlands who has much knowledge about tablet weaving, so I don't have to teach myself from websites.


Another fiber geek

Hello, my name is Miriam Galbraith in the SCA and I hail from the Barony of Stormhold in Lochac (Australia). I am into all forms of fiberness and I have been since before I joined the SCA, (which was in 1985). It is my ambition to know the basics of every fiber craft known to man. I am at the stage of looking for new ones, so if you know of something obscure, drop me a line! 8-> This group has already taught me stick weaving, so I count that as a good start. The next thing I want to learn is spinning flax from a distaff, so I need to find a source of flax ....


Build-your-own Spinning Equipment

I found recently the greatest bunch of PDFs for the carpentry-minded or junk-saving scadian:  http://www.interweave.com/spin/projects/equipment.asp

I'd heard of CD spindles before, since getting 60 CDs from a programmer friend I'm looking to build some up as a classroom kit that students can simply make to their preference (top or bottom whorl) and keep.  Otherwise, teaching can get awkward.

And as much as the idea of my own great wheel made out of plywood makes me drool, I keep going back and looking over the designs for the charkhas.  I know they're only period to the 1960s, but I think they're completely adorable, and it would be awesome to pull one out on a long car trip or something.

Enjoy!  Marguerite

and still another intro

My name is Luighseach nic Lochlainn and I am a kumihimo enabler.

I have 2 marudai and a takadai and I want to get an ayatakedai (which does the Japanese equivalent of tablet weaving) next. I also do fingerloop and handloop braiding and knit.

I'm a moderately long-time SCA member in the Barony of Dreiburgen, Kingdom of Caid. I used to do scribal things and I still marble paper and bind books, but I've pretty much evolved into an Asian fiber junkie over the past few years



Wow, my ineptitude is made famous by inspiring the creation of this LJ group!  Rock rock on!

I'm Marguerite filleresse de saie, and I'm from the kingdom of Artemisia (Utah, specifically).  I've been playing for almost two years come Estrella, and I'm about all over in my persona (I started as a viking and want a cotehardie someday), but I'm settled pretty well on 16th century England/Flanders.

I got into spinning when I found out that a church leader had two alpacas and sheared them every year, but their garage was full of bags of fiber that they had no use for.  I decided that I had to have it, and I had to have some means of processing it, so I got my first drop spindle and a free bag of alpaca fiber.  I've gotten pretty good at it, but I hope to one day get my own spinning wheel and eventually weave fabric from it (I also just got married and moved into a tiny apartment, so this is a loooong-distance goal, for some undetermined future where we actually have space).  I also got fiber flax seeds that I hope to plant next spring, harvest, process, and spin.

I have a garb/craft blog that I occasionally post stuff I'm working on, from garb to yarn to paintings that I want to keep track of, here:  sassyspinster.blogspot.com

I also do lucet weaving, a tiny scad of beginner bobbin lace, and some beadwork.  I hope to learn tablet weaving and become not-pathetic at embroidery, particularly blackwork.

I'm thrilled at the creation of this group, and I hope to see lots of stuff to help fuel my own creativity.




Hi my name is Aldgytha and I am a fiber junkie.  I hail from Caid and I have been in the SCA for a very long time.  The only fiber art I don't do at least a little is spinning.  Seriously my cat does it better.  However I am trying to talk myself into giving it another shot at drop spindle and I have a spinning wheel that is just missing one small part.  My primary love is weaving.  Generally Inkle or tablet.  I do know bits and pieces about other styles, but they are not high on my priority list.


Yet another intro

I'm Leonor, hailing from the Outlands, and I have a late 16th century Spanish persona and a much better-developed 14th century Ilkhanid Mongol persona.

I like embroidery, dyeing (although I don't do enough of it), fingerloop braiding, kumihimo, and tablet-weaving (which I don't do enough of). I don't like sewing, but I do it so I have stuff to embellish. I don't spin or knit, unlike all the other fiber geeks. But I love and adore thread-wrapped buttons.

So, my current list of goals:

1) actually dye some of my vast quantity of silk thread
2) make a reasonable double-faced tablet-woven belt
3) make or buy a nice kumihimo stand
4) make a project that actually USES thread-wrapped buttons instead of just accumulating bags of them


Hailing from Caid

In this next leg of the race is Caitlin (who currently lacks a society name)! Well, myself, but I occasionally speak in third person. I'm out here in Southern California, in the kingdom of Caid. My ever-so-wonderful barony is Altavia and I'm actually rather new to the SCA. I've only been going to events since this year (I believe the first thing I ever did was an Arts and Sciences night back in March), but I've quickly become enamoured.

I've got to say, I'm not much one for idle work, but kumihimo is rather addictive! I can churn out quite a bit of length in a relatively short period of time if I'm really focused. I've even interested mundanes!

I'm excited to learn from this community!



Hi! I'm Jerusha, and I live in south Meridies (Shire of Stag's Gate) formerly of north Meridies (Barony of Thor's Mountain) and I'm a Lint Artisan. :-)

My thang is embroidery -- but I must learn to tablet weave. I've done a little fingerloop braiding (I took a class at Gulf War), and I've used a Lucet (GW class)

I'm currently the Guild Steward for the Meridian Embroidery Guild.

And I'm looking for groups interested in hosting Lint Artisan Oriented Solars at Gulf War 2009. :-D


Good day

Hello, I am long time member of the SCA (1984). I hail from the Barony of Delftwood in Kingdom of Æthelmearc (Western NY, Western PA, WV), I love finger loop braids, especially in silk, and a working on bobbin lace (linen thread rocks!)

Any one have some good sources for patterns for either the braids or bobbin lace?

Hi, my name is Diane and I'm a fiber geek.

I'm Diane de Arden from Aethelmearc and this community is a wonderful idea! For some reason none of the other fiber arts communities have really caught my fancy.

I spin with drop spindle and wheel, weave with my four harness table loom, embroider, dye, knit, sew, fingerloop, braid, lucet, card, comb, and dabble in other things. I love to teach fiber arts basics (give me two weeks and I can teach just about anything) to others and watch them take off with something they love.

My current long term fiber arts project is spinning and weaving the garters from page 143 of Textiles and Clothing 1150-1450, most likely without the fringe. I'm wheel spinning the first set from a brown merino cross (not absolutely sure what the sheep is but it's lovely wool) to just see if I can do it.

I got into spinning and dyeing to make a silk embroidered purse from scratch before I realized that the silk would have been reeled. Silk reeling is on my list of things to learn to do someday... when my daughter is a bit older.


Stick weaving question

Next, I have a question. I started work on this striped belt for a piece of garb using metal tapestry needles to get a smaller, tighter weave, but unfortunately as it went on it got harder and harder to pull the cotton thread down. I resorted to pliers to do this eventually, but not that has become near impossible too. Is there any way to make this work, or should I count this as a failed project?

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My Introduction

I just wanted to say first this is a great idea. I hope this community gets a lot of use, fiber arts should not be overlooked in the SCA.

A little about myself...
My persona name is Takeda Sakura, I am just starting out in a Japanese persona after 12 years of European personas. I live in Meridies, shire of Crimson River where I am currently the web minister. I have a separate main journal, but this journal is my SCA journal. It is done website style for reference on Japanese period information as I learn it, in addition to beginning to document my SCA work, something I have never done before.

Anyway, as far as fiber arts, I enjoy carding, spinning, knitting, crochet, stick weaving, sewing, dying, stamping, stenciling and painting fabrics, etc. I have a bachelor's of fine arts in classical art training and I am an apprentice to a wonderful laurel in pottery.


My Intro

So, I'm Eilidh Swann. I'm out in Caid (southern California), and I tend towards drop spindle spinning more than any other textile art. I'm also very interested in natural dyestuffs, embroidery, period sources for knitting, and especially narrow-wares like braiding, laces, finger-loop braids, kumihimo, and card-weaving. I had several projects photographed on my photo site, cayswann.com. Currently, I've just acquired a 4-harness Leclerc floor loom from a friend in my barony, although I've never really woven anything. How could I pass it up? I have a great wheel, on which I LOVE to do demos with our kingdom, and can even break it down to fit into my tiny little Festiva. But I'm really a drop-spindle girl, more than anything.



I started this group when a post came across sca_garb about "so I'm spinning this yarn for this period knitted garment, what do you think?" and couldn't find an SCA specific forum of people into spinning, knitting, embroidery, braiding, kumihimo, lucet, fingerloop-braid, card-weaving, inkle-weaving, weaving cloth for costuming, fulling, and other very hands-on textile arts beyond purchasing cloth and sewing a costume for SCA events.

Please introduce yourselves, share links to your journals and blogs, tell us about your projects, sources you've found, books you've read, sites you adore, and other tips to help us all become better artisans in our own personal fiber art!