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Textiles and Arts Catering to the Historical Re-enactor

SCA Fiber Arts
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SCA Fiber Arts
For members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) who are in the textile and fiber arts communities. A place to discuss good research, documentation, competitions, projects, ask for help, get feedback and assistance, as well as just to have a safe social environment for our hobbies.

We're certainly happy to discuss A&S, applique, arts and sciences, beadwork, blackwork, bobbin lace, card weaving, carding, cloth printing, combing, costumes, costuming, couching, cutwork, drop spindle, dyeing, dyestuffs, embroidery, felting, fiber, filet lace, fulling, great wheel, historical reenactment, history, knitting, kumihimo, lace, looms, medieval history, middle ages, nalbinding, natural dyes, needle lace, needlepoint, netting, opus anglicanum, plying, point coope, pulled-thread, reticella, rigid heddle looms, rug-weaving, SCA, sewing, silk reeling, silk painting, smocking, society for creative anachronism, spinning, spinning wheel, sprang, string, sweetbags, tablet weaving, tapestry weaving, textile printing, textiles, thread, thread-covered buttons, warp, warp-weighted loom, weaving, weft, woolen, worsted, yarn... and whatever else you can think of!

Welcome to our group! Please feel free to introduce yourself!

[Postscript: For those of you who found this group but are not familar with the SCA... SCA stands for the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA Corporate website) --> it's a hobby and/or club where people learn about the middle ages and history through hands-on participation. Many of us came to some of our textile arts through learning about it in the SCA. For example, if you are a spinner who prefers the Drop Spindle *because* of years studying the history of the middle ages, then you might be looking for ways to talk about historical spinning outside the discussions of modern spinning.

So this LJ community is a way to expand the textile arts discussions to some of the specific hands-on textile arts for the historical re-enactor and/or SCA member, as well as costumers, embroidery enthusiasts, or other textile artists working with the concept of historically accurate project goals.]